When (Not What): Product Prioritization in Three Steps

I’d bet a nickel that most successful tech companies don’t have any problem coming up with things to work on, features to build, or products to launch. To the contrary, most companies probably have more of those things than they could ever have time to ever build—and RTX Platform is… Continued

User Experience is RAIL-ly Important (Fluent 2015: 5 of 5)

This is the fifth post in a five-post series about O’Reilly’s Fluent Conference. In the last few posts, we’ve talked about the expansion of front end development, the fundamental requirements of building on the web, and the evolution of JavaScript. As product-centric engineers, though, it’s important to remember that all… Continued

We answered your question. Now what?

Good customer support goes beyond just answering questions and resolving issues. That’s why, when we close a support ticket, it doesn’t just disappear into obscurity. It holds value from the day it comes in, and that value can last, in many cases, indefinitely. Here’s the bottom line: Whatever your customers… Continued

How Six Letters Created a Shared Vision of Our End User

Bob and Max. In a span of three short weeks, these two names have become commonplace around our office, even though nobody named Bob or Max works here. So, who are these mysterious enigmas? Bob and Max are the personas we defined to identify our primary customers across internal teams… Continued