Meet the Customer: David Ford of

David Ford got his start in affiliate marketing more than ten years ago. Since then, he’s been successful across many traffic sources and niches. David has also done consulting for companies, created his own products, and coached thousands of affiliates. In 2009 he started the Aff Playbook forum as a… Continued

We answered your question. Now what?

Good customer support goes beyond just answering questions and resolving issues. That’s why, when we close a support ticket, it doesn’t just disappear into obscurity. It holds value from the day it comes in, and that value can last, in many cases, indefinitely. Here’s the bottom line: Whatever your customers… Continued

Conversion Tracking Explained (Spoiler: It Isn’t Magic.)

One of the first suggestions we give new advertisers is to start tracking conversion data from day one. Without conversion data, there’s no way to know what keywords and creatives are driving users to convert on your promotion, and without those insights, the only way to optimize is by taking… Continued

Introducing Display Advertising on RTX Platform!

We’re excited to announce a brand new way to promote your offers on RTX Platform: CPM Display ads! With Display Advertising on RTX Platform, the opportunities are limitless: Maximize visibility above or below the fold with 728×90 or 300×250 banner ads. Target sites by keyword or domain, and use wildcard… Continued

RTX Platform Retires Search. Make Way For…

Big changes are in store for RTX Platform. On April 17th, we’re removing Search as a campaign type to focus on a huge new advertising solution we’ll be unveiling soon! What does this mean for RTX Platform advertisers? Search campaigns will no longer run. Our Account Management team can help… Continued

PeerFly’s Luke Kling Weighs in on RTX Platform PPV

If you’re in the affiliate marketing space, Luke Kling is probably already on your radar. (And if he isn’t, he should be because this guy knows how to turn a profit.) The well-respected blogger, web developer, and affiliate manager at PeerFly is a big fan of our RTX Platform’s PPV… Continued

Earn $50+ Credit With The RTX Platform Referral Program

We love our advertisers, and our advertisers love us. That’s why we started the RTX Platform Referral Program to not only give back to our valued advertisers, but also spread the word so others can sign up and reap the same benefits. Each advertiser who uses RTX Platform is given… Continued

5 RTX Platform Tools for Killer Campaigns

The RTX Platform is a powerful and user-friendly solution for creating and optimizing a variety of digital advertising campaigns, but even some of our most savvy advertisers sometimes overlook the most valuable tools included with their account. Whether you’re a current RTX Platform advertiser or just looking to weigh your… Continued