Alphabet: What’s Happening With The Big G

It’s just another day in the tech world, when Google drops some big news. However, with the Internet conglomerate’s latest announcement, some have speculated that this big news is actually making Google… smaller? In a post published to Google’s blog on Monday, August 10th, CEO Larry Page explained that Google… Continued

How Six Letters Created a Shared Vision of Our End User

Bob and Max. In a span of three short weeks, these two names have become commonplace around our office, even though nobody named Bob or Max works here. So, who are these mysterious enigmas? Bob and Max are the personas we defined to identify our primary customers across internal teams… Continued

How Staying Roped In Keeps You From Getting Roped Up

One of the more interesting things about the Product Team at RTX Platform is its mobility. While relatively small, the Product Team has its fingers in three totally discreet products simultaneously. Not only that, but each member of the Product Team is working on at least two products at any… Continued