Shipping up to Boston Data Festival 2015

On the evening of Thursday, September 17th, Software Engineer Jeff Segall and Quantitative Analyst Ananth Bevinahally (a.k.a., RTX Platform’s “dynamic data duo”) boarded a flight to Boston for the Boston Data Festival, an annual data science conference hosted by Open Data Science (#ODSC). The festival, which just completed its third… Continued

The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Product Manager

DO know your product. You should be the foremost expert on your product from day one. Have a good understanding of the product process before, during, and after launch, and know how each step will affect the end result. In addition to being well-versed in your specific product, it’s also… Continued

Getting Uncubed in New York City

Uncubed isn’t your average career fair. Not even close. It’s more like a party where creative leaders and exceptional talent come together to share ideas and build new relationships. And with a fluffy dog, cash cube, live speed painting, and a bouncy house (yes, really) in the mix, it’s pretty… Continued

Get Familiar: Philly’s Coolest Tech Projects

Between the creativity pulsing through our streets and the abundance of local opportunities for developers, it’s no surprise we’re seeing some seriously cool technology come out of Philadelphia. In light of our recent participation at hack4good and PennApps, we felt inspired to review and report on some of the most… Continued