Get from insight to action faster than ever with our new reporting suite

RTX Platform’s powerful custom reporting makes performance insights crystal clear. With just a few clicks, you can discover valuable insights and trends to drive your optimization strategy in the right direction. Cut costs and save time Say goodbye to expensive tracking platforms! Track every data point without ever leaving RTX… Continued

Bridging the GAP: Optimization Strategy for Affiliate Marketers

The art of optimization is a combination of things: one part gut feeling, one part data, and an overall familiarity with how your campaign tends to fluctuate. As an RTX Platform Account Manager, I see firsthand how advertisers struggle to optimize their affiliate marketing campaigns, often times neglecting to optimize… Continued

Conversion Tracking Explained (Spoiler: It Isn’t Magic.)

One of the first suggestions we give new advertisers is to start tracking conversion data from day one. Without conversion data, there’s no way to know what keywords and creatives are driving users to convert on your promotion, and without those insights, the only way to optimize is by taking… Continued

5 Ad Copy A/B Tests You’d Never Think to Try

You hear it all the time in the digital advertising and marketing industry: Always be testing. It applies to everything from keywords to landing pages to creative assets and more, but for the purpose of this post we’ll focus on ad copy. Do a quick Google search for ad copy… Continued

5 Bare Essentials of an Optimized PPC Landing Page

Getting clicks is only half the battle in a successful PPC campaign. If your offer’s landing page isn’t optimized, you’re missing out on potential conversions. You’re paying for each click, so you definitely want to maximize your opportunity for ROI with a compelling (and functioning) landing page. The good news… Continued

Affiliate Tip: Capitalize on Shoppers’ New Year’s Resolutions

With 2014 in full swing, people around the world are focusing on resolutions for the new year. This is a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers to hone in on what consumers want and offer products to help them achieve their goals. Unfortunately, that window of opportunity doesn’t last long. According… Continued

5 Easy Ways to Screw Up Your Digital Ad Campaign

Crafting a successful digital advertising campaign is a delicate science. You might know the right things to do, but what about the things you shouldn’t do? Here’s a list of common campaign mistakes to avoid and how to solve them: Don’t be this guy.1. Targeting an Audience That’s too Broad… Continued

Keyword Optimization Dos and Don’ts for Kickass CPC Campaigns

RTX Platform’s CPC and CPV solutions recently got hooked up with recommended keywords, which we pulled from our top-volume keywords across our most popular verticals. With one click, Advertisers can add entire lists by channel, or choose individual keywords to add to their campaign. Handy, right? We’re not gonna sugarcoat… Continued