12 Acronyms Affiliate Marketers Need to Know

Do you know the CTR to your LP? Does it have a good CR%? To somebody new to the affiliate space, reading that sentence could be like reading a foreign language. Acronyms, while often helpful, can sometimes lead to confused communication (and a Google search on the sly). That’s why… Continued

Digital Video Spend is Up, but is ROI?

A recent study shows that, while brands are now willing to spend more money on original digital video, they remain worried about ROI, quality, and measurement.

Affiliate Summit West: Representing an International Industry

Affiliate marketing is an ever-expanding, international industry that’s booming in countries around the globe. When our team attended this year’s Affiliate Summit West–one of the most popular international affiliate marketing conferences–we saw firsthand just how widespread affiliate marketing is becoming. ASW 2015, which was held late January in Las Vegas,… Continued