Digital Video Spend is Up, but is ROI?

A recent study shows that, while brands are now willing to spend more money on original digital video, they remain worried about ROI, quality, and measurement.

Mobile Ad Spend Will Trump the Digital Market in 2016

In their new worldwide ad spending report, eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spend will surpass $100 billion dollars globally in 2016. That means, for the first time ever, the global mobile advertising market will constitute over 50% of all digital ad spending.

Why the Digital Advertising Industry is Thriving

Comcast-owned Strata Marketing recently conducted a survey that sheds some insight into ad agencies’ projected growth in 2015. Their findings show, when it comes to marketing and advertising, traditional companies are becoming more inclined to open their arms (and wallets) to digital. According to the survey, “81% of agencies are… Continued