Tips for creating campaigns on RTX Platform

In this post, we’ll share with you how to choose targets smartly, track and optimize to increase ROI, track conversion data in the platform, and more. Choose targets smartly. On RTX Platform, there are two main ways to target for CPV campaigns – domain targeting and keyword targeting. During testing,… Continued

Google Derives Most of its Search Traffic from Mobile

At a recent digital advertising conference, Google announced that the Internet giant now gets more search queries from mobile devices than desktops in ten key markets, including the United States and Japan. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google executive Jerry Dischler chose not to identify the other eight countries… Continued

Conversion Tracking Explained (Spoiler: It Isn’t Magic.)

One of the first suggestions we give new advertisers is to start tracking conversion data from day one. Without conversion data, there’s no way to know what keywords and creatives are driving users to convert on your promotion, and without those insights, the only way to optimize is by taking… Continued

RTX Platform Retires Search. Make Way For…

Big changes are in store for RTX Platform. On April 17th, we’re removing Search as a campaign type to focus on a huge new advertising solution we’ll be unveiling soon! What does this mean for RTX Platform advertisers? Search campaigns will no longer run. Our Account Management team can help… Continued

Why the Digital Advertising Industry is Thriving

Comcast-owned Strata Marketing recently conducted a survey that sheds some insight into ad agencies’ projected growth in 2015. Their findings show, when it comes to marketing and advertising, traditional companies are becoming more inclined to open their arms (and wallets) to digital. According to the survey, “81% of agencies are… Continued

PeerFly’s Luke Kling Weighs in on RTX Platform PPV

If you’re in the affiliate marketing space, Luke Kling is probably already on your radar. (And if he isn’t, he should be because this guy knows how to turn a profit.) The well-respected blogger, web developer, and affiliate manager at PeerFly is a big fan of our RTX Platform’s PPV… Continued

11 Tweetable Online Marketing Stats We’ve Seen Recently

Industry studies cross our radar all the time, and the good ones often include bite-sized, informative stats perfect for sharing with our Twitter followers. This week, we thought we’d mix up our content strategy and post a collection of online marketing stats from recent studies all in one go (aka… Continued