📈 Conversion Boost℠ (and more) is HERE!

Introducing a suite of new optimization tools to help you start profiting faster than ever! Gaining more control over your campaigns doesn’t have to mean you’ll spend more time managing them. New Conversion Boost℠: Quality Tiers℠, Potential Daily Reach, and Suggested Base Bids work together so you can effortlessly automate… Continued

Tips for creating campaigns on RTX Platform

In this post, we’ll share with you how to choose targets smartly, track and optimize to increase ROI, track conversion data in the platform, and more. Choose targets smartly. On RTX Platform, there are two main ways to target for CPV campaigns – domain targeting and keyword targeting. During testing,… Continued

Bridging the GAP: Optimization Strategy for Affiliate Marketers

The art of optimization is a combination of things: one part gut feeling, one part data, and an overall familiarity with how your campaign tends to fluctuate. As an RTX Platform Account Manager, I see firsthand how advertisers struggle to optimize their affiliate marketing campaigns, often times neglecting to optimize… Continued