Receive more targeted traffic for your offers with sub-ID whitelisting and blacklisting

With our newest feature release, sub-ID whitelisting and blacklisting, you have even more control over who sees your ads. Sub-IDs are subsets of our traffic and each sub-ID can perform differently for every offer. Blacklisting or whitelisting sub-IDs is a refined way of optimizing. With this feature release, you can blacklist sub-IDs that are not performing for a particular offer instead of pausing a whole channel and missing out on valuable traffic. You can also whitelist high-converting sub-IDs to only receive traffic from certain segments of traffic.

In order to properly use this feature, you will need to track sub-ID performance. Use RTX Platform reporting to see how sub-IDs are converting for your campaigns. Be sure to place our conversion pixel to be able to view your conversions in the platform and the reporting suite. You can read more about our recently-released reporting suite here. Using a third-party tracker instead? Be sure to append our {subid} macro to your creative URLs to see sub-ID performance in your tracker.

After adding sub-IDs to the blacklist or whitelist, you should increase bids in your campaigns and bid multipliers on channels to ensure you are competitive for traffic from sub-IDs that are turning a profit.

The sub-ID whitelist and blacklist are located in the “Audience Filters” tab. In this tab, you will also see options to add to blacklists for domains and IPs or to add to a whitelist for domains. Add domains to the domain blacklist if you do not want to receive impressions from certain websites. In contrast, you can add domains to the domain whitelist to restrict your traffic to only come from the sites you add to the list. If you do not want to receive impressions from certain IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, you can add them to the IP blacklist. Be sure to check RTX Platform reporting to analyze domain and IP performance or pass back the {domain} and {ip} macros to have that data available in your third-party tracker.

All of the audience filters are available both at the campaign and at the global level. Again, when you add to any of these lists, you will be limiting your traffic. So, be sure to increase bids and bid multipliers as necessary to still be competitive for valuable, high-converting traffic.

Interested in learning more about Sub-IDs? Please view our support article here. You can read more about all of our audience filters here.