RTX Platform’s latest release helps power users work smarter, not harder

As a leading traffic provider for advertisers and affiliate marketers, we make it a priority to listen to customer feedback when we release new RTX Platform features. This time, we focused on the “power users” who test and optimize multiple campaigns to max out their earnings.

Whether you’re promoting a ton of offers, rotating a slew of creatives, or using negative targeting to weed out sites that don’t convert, RTX Platform’s latest update makes it easy to kick your campaigns into high gear.

Bid Smarter Across the Board


When it comes to placing the best bid for your buck, RTX Platform’s suggested Smart Bids are the way to go. Instead of being limited to updating all bids in a campaign, you can now raise all of your InText or CPV campaigns’ bids to the Smart Bid at once.

Bulk Edit Creative URLs

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Savvy advertisers test and optimize their landing pages, and that sometimes means testing an entirely different page with a new URL. Now you can edit creative URLs in bulk within any InText or CPV campaign, so you can switch to a different landing page in seconds.

Block Sites Across Campaigns

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If you use negative targets in your campaigns, you’ll love new global negative targets! Use them to bypass impressions from sites you don’t want to run ads on across all your InText or CPV campaigns. That way, you can focus on targeting the sites that deliver the best traffic.

Boldly Bulk Update Multiple Pages

Introducing more options for bulk editing naturally creates the possibility of making bigger mistakes. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Anytime you edit more than a page of line items, RTX Platform will prompt you with an alert before applying your changes.

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