Refine your campaigns with Advanced Targeting!

Now you can uniquely target users by device, operating system, and browser with Advanced Targeting! Not only will you be able to scale your campaigns smarter, but you’ll also have the tools you need to run a wider variety of offers.

Optimize with precision for maximum ROI

Use RTX Platform’s tracking macros to identify the types of traffic that convert best for you, then zero-in on those users with Advanced Targeting. You’ll save the money you would’ve spent on traffic that doesn’t convert, freeing up funds to increase volume where it counts.

More targeting options = More opportunities

Maybe you have landing pages optimized for specific devices, or you’re promoting an app that’s only compatible with certain operating systems. Whatever criteria you’re looking to target, you can get the right mix for your unique offer.

Try Advanced Targeting today! 

Is there a feature you’d like to see on RTX Platform? Tell us about it! We always consider feedback from our advertisers when we plan future releases. If you’ve got an offer you’d like to promote, we can deliver the traffic you need for big profits. Learn more about RTX Platform, or sign up for a free account.