Introducing Platform & Device Targets for laser-focused reach

Advanced Targeting for CPV is now called Platform & Device Targets, which comes with fresh new tools and insights to help you pinpoint the most relevant traffic for your unique offer.

  • Refine your reach to audiences on specific connection types. You can also request access to Carrier Targeting!
  • New volume breakdowns show you at a glance how much volume to expect from each traffic subset, giving you the insight to fine-tune targeting for the biggest payoff.

Presenting your offer to the right audience is the key to a successful campaign. With these new Advanced Targeting options, you can optimize more granularly than ever, plus break into new niches to maximize your opportunities. Read on to learn more!

Tailor your targeting by connection type and carrier

Conversion rates can be heavily influenced by how users connect to the internet. For example, data-heavy offers like video or downloads may perform better on WiFi connections, while certain mobile offers might require carrier connections. With new connection type targeting, you can zero in on the exact traffic you need. We’ve also added Carrier Targeting for select advertisers. Drop us a line to request access!

Tip: Append the {connection} and {carrier} macros to your creative URLs to measure performance in your tracking platform.

Expand or tighten your reach for volume that’s just right

Targeting the most profitable audience is a science. You might discover that a very specific type of traffic yields the highest ROI, but if that audience is too small, you’re probably leaving money on the table. We’ve added percentages next to each device type, operating system, browser, connection type, and carrier to show you how much of the total traffic each subset comprises. The higher the percentage, the more volume you’re eligible to receive from that type of traffic.

Tip: Once you’ve discovered the best Advanced Targeting settings for your campaign, raise your bids to get more of the traffic that works for you!