New to RTX Platform: Getting Data Into Your Tracking Platform Is Easier Than Ever

When it comes to measuring and analyzing campaign performance, affiliate marketing professionals rely on third-party tracking platforms like Voluum or CPVLab. To capture and pass RTX Platform campaign data to one of these platforms, we provide a suite of tracking macros that advertisers can tack onto their landing page URLs.

Because so many of our advertisers use third-party tracking platforms to measure RTX Platform campaigns, we released a new tool that seamlessly adds and removes macros from multiple URLs at a time.

Now, it takes just a few seconds to set up tracking URLs that capture and pass all kinds of data to your tracking platform—like the bid or target that won the impression, user’s location, referring domain, and more! You can even add custom parameters to track whatever data you want.

Is there a feature you’d like to see on RTX Platform? Tell us about it! We always consider feedback from our advertisers when we plan future releases.

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