New on Push: Creative testing and optimized ad rotation!

We’re excited to announce two game-changing new updates for creatives on Push! Use new creative previews to make sure your creatives are perfect before setting them live. Once they start getting traffic, new auto-optimized ad rotation kicks in to keep performance on the upswing without any extra effort from you.

Live Preview Your Ads

Use the new “Send Test Push” button in your creative settings or on the Creatives tab to trigger a test Push notification. You’ll be able to see and interact with your ad from the user’s perspective so you can make any necessary adjustments before setting it live.

💡 TIP: The Test Push feature isn’t just for new creatives. Test your existing creatives to make sure they look their best!

Effortlessly Test And Optimize

Sophisticated new machine learning now prioritizes your creatives based on how well they perform compared to other creatives in the ad group. Rather than dividing traffic equally among your creatives, RTX Platform uses smart technology to serve more impressions from creatives with higher clickthrough rates, effectively automating your A/B and multivariate testing to save you tons of time and effort.

💡 TIP: Create separate ad groups for similar creatives so you’ll know exactly which changes perform best. For example, one ad group could test different headlines and another could test different images. Remember to continue adding fresh new creatives to reduce banner blindness!