Introducing target match types!

Take your targeting strategy to the next level with Match Types!


We now offer four unique targeting types, giving you more control over the traffic you bid on and ensuring your ads are seen by the best audience for your offers.

  • Domain | Use domain targeting to target specific domains, subdomains, or TLDs. Have a list of certain webpages you want to buy traffic on? Add them as domain targets!
  • URL | Use URL targeting to target full or partial URLs. If you would like to receive traffic from URLs that contain certain words or phrases in the URL string, you can target those words or phrases as URL targets as well.
  • URL + Page Content | Use the URL + page content targeting option to target full or partial URLs, or words or phrases that appear in the URL or page content.
  • Search Query | Use search query targeting to target search engine results pages (SERPs) for queries containing specific words or phrases. This is a great way to target users who are directly searching for what you have to offer!

Take even more control over your targets with exact and in-order matching! 

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All match types are broad match by default, with the exception of domain targeting which is exact match. With broad match, a target such as shoe sale, for example, would match any URL, page content, or search query that contains both of those words in any order, anywhere in the URL, page content, or search query.

However, with new exact and in-order matching, you can take your targeting one step further!

Exact and in-order matching give you the flexibility to precisely customize your targeting strategy for maximum impact. By specifying exactly how you want your targets to match, you can serve your ad on the most relevant sites while avoiding impressions on similar sites that don’t relate to your audience.

Add quotes around keywords to make 
them exact match, brackets to make them in-order match, and leave them as-is for broad match.

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