Introducing Display Advertising on RTX Platform!


We’re excited to announce a brand new way to promote your offers on RTX Platform: CPM Display ads!

With Display Advertising on RTX Platform, the opportunities are limitless:

  • Maximize visibility above or below the fold with 728×90 or 300×250 banner ads.
  • Target sites by keyword or domain, and use wildcard characters to match variations and misspellings.
  • Place bids starting at $.01 per 1,000 impressions.
  • Reach mature audiences with Adult campaigns.

Plus, you’ll find all the features and functionality we offer across the board, whether it’s an InText, Full-Page CPV, or Display campaign:

  • Fine-tune your reach with custom dayparting schedules, conversion and frequency caps, international geo-targeting, negative targeting, and more.
  • Whether you’re looking at data in RTX Platform, exporting it for manipulation, or filtering it into a third party platform, data tracking and analysis is easy, and conversion tracking is as simple as dropping a line of code into your offer.
  • Recommended Keywords and Domains by niche are an invaluable resource for high-volume targeting.
  • SmartBid recommendations and our interactive Bid Graph work together to provide intelligent, up-to-date bid insights for individual targets.

Why Choose Display?

There’s a reason display ads have stuck around so long: They’re effective. Display advertising reinforces other forms of advertising you’re running (like our InText CPC and Full-Page CPV ad solutions), keeping your brand or product top-of-mind. On their own, display ads increase awareness simply by appearing in prime placements on targeted sites, driving your audience to whatever you’re promoting, and ultimately boosting conversions and ROI.

Why Choose RTX Platform?

We know how to set the stage for success. Unlike other ad platforms, our self-serve RTX Platform puts you in control. It’s up to you to determine where your ads appear, who sees them, and when they’re shown.

Our expert Account Managers, world-class campaign management tools, and comprehensive reports help you identify insights and optimize your campaigns to keep ROI growing exponentially.


Sign up for a free RTX Platform account to get started with Display ads, or contact us for more information. Already an RTX Platform advertiser? Log in now to launch your first Display campaign!