Get from insight to action faster than ever with our new reporting suite

RTX Platform’s powerful custom reporting makes performance insights crystal clear. With just a few clicks, you can discover valuable insights and trends to drive your optimization strategy in the right direction.

Cut costs and save time
Say goodbye to expensive tracking platforms! Track every data point without ever leaving RTX Platform so you can manage, measure, and optimize your campaigns all in one place. You’ll never have to append another tracking macro to your creative URLs again.

Measure the KPIs that matter

Mix and match metrics and dimensions to find exactly what affects ROI. Want to run the same report again later? No problem. With saved reports, you can easily track and compare results over time to discover valuable performance trends.

Advanced analytics made easy

Drag-and-drop ordering and one-click sorting make it easy to uncover hidden performance insights in seconds. Drill down even further into data with multi-column sorting and granular filtering, or download your results as a CSV to apply more advanced data manipulations.

Take the guesswork out of optimization

Smart optimization is the key to making your campaigns as profitable as possible. RTX Platform’s reporting equips you with the intelligence to make impactful, data-driven optimization decisions so you know what to scale up and cut back for maximum profit. TIP: Conversion tracking is critical to get the most value from reporting because you’ll see exactly what to optimize for better earnings. Install a conversion pixel today and automatically start tracking conversions and profit.

Watch video tutorials and learn how to use reporting like a pro!

You can also read more about reporting here.