Zero in on your audience with new domain whitelisting

Our new domain whitelisting feature gives you full control to choose which websites trigger your ads. This ensures the right sets of eyes see them. The domain whitelist works together with campaign targets to precisely refine reach.

Why is this feature so powerful?

  • Serve your ad to users searching for what you have to offer. Add search engines such as,, and to the whitelist and add keywords to your campaign related to your offer. For example, if you are running a travel offer, test targeting keywords such as hotel, flight, and vacation.
  • Market to consumers as they’re shopping for what you’re selling. If you’re running an e-commerce offer, you can whitelist domains like,,,,, and Then, target keywords relevant to your offer including shoes, sneakers, dress, and shirt.

Domains and subdomains can be added to the domain whitelist. If a root domain is added to the whitelist, traffic will be restricted to any page on the site. If a subdomain is added to the whitelist, traffic is limited to that subdomain and its full path. As traffic will only be coming from specific domains, we advise targeting broader keywords that are one to two words long in order to continue to receive impressions. Also, in order to not miss out on valuable traffic, be sure to include all relevant domains on your whitelist.

It is also possible to restrict traffic to a certain website, or websites, across all CPV campaigns with the global domain whitelist.

Please note that with this exciting feature comes a name change for domain exclusions and IP exclusions. They will now be called domain blacklist and IP blacklist. All of these features are now under the “Audience Filters” tab.

Domain Whitelisting