Optimize your mobile marketing with new Device Model targeting!

Platform & Device Targets just got better! Now you can advertise to users on specific types of mobile phones, giving you new opportunities to lift ROI by reaching your exact audience with laser-targeted offers.

platform and device targets

An innovative way to behavioral target

You can infer a lot about a person by the phone they use. Specific device models often correlate with different age groups, incomes, and interests, so you can zero-in on your target audience with laser focus.

Discover your most profitable audience

Use the [device_model] macro with your third-party tracker to pinpoint the device models that convert best. Then, target users on those devices and raise your bids to reach more high-converting customers.

Market hyper-targeted offers

Relevancy is essential for driving conversions. For example, you could sell new phones to users with outdated models, or mobile accessories that are compatible with specific device types, then customize your ad to show your product on the phone you’re targeting.

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