Tips for creating campaigns on RTX Platform

In this post, we’ll share with you how to choose targets smartly, track and optimize to increase ROI, track conversion data in the platform, and more.

Choose targets smartly. On RTX Platform, there are two main ways to target for CPV campaigns – domain targeting and keyword targeting. During testing, we suggest targeting both domains and keywords relevant to the offer. There is one targeting option for CPC campaigns – keyword targeting. We suggest targeting one to two word phrases relevant to the offer. Want to learn more about how matching works for CPV and CPC campaigns? If so, please see here!

Track and optimize to increase ROI. You will need to track data from the impressions you received on your targets in order to optimize your campaigns and increase your earnings. With our in-house Reporting tool, all important tracking data will automatically be available to you. If you are using a third-party tracker, you will need to append our tracking macros for the data to populate in your tracking platform.

Track conversion data right in RTX Platform. By placing our conversion pixel and inputting a default conversion amount, you can view conversion data right in the platform and in Reporting. Not only does this make optimization easier for you, but having this information allows our account managers to give you better suggestions and optimization assistance. By having this pixel placed you will also be able to set conversion caps to stop showing your advertisement to a user that has already converted on it – saving you money!

Running in more than one geo? You will want to create separate campaigns for each geo tier. By doing so, you can set the default bid at the minimum for each tier to help ensure you are not overpaying for traffic. Please see here for minimum bids by geos.

Questions? Email to chat with one of our account managers! In addition, you can refer to our detailed campaign setup guide that will take you through setting up your first campaign.