ūüďą Conversion Boost‚Ą† (and more) is HERE!

Introducing a suite of new optimization tools to help you start profiting faster than ever!

Gaining more control over your campaigns doesn’t have to mean you’ll spend more time managing them. New¬†Conversion Boost‚Ą†: Quality Tiers‚Ą†,¬†Potential Daily Reach, and¬†Suggested Base Bids¬†work together so you can effortlessly automate conversion optimization and adjust your reach with ultimate precision, all within your budget.

Turn on Conversion Boost: Quality Tiers!


Why pay the same price for all traffic when some impressions are more likely than others to convert? Now you can upgrade campaigns to new Conversion Boost: Quality Tiers to customize bids for different tiers of traffic ranked by quality, intelligently categorized by machine learning technology. While your average bid should remain the same, you may pay more for higher quality traffic.

To maximize conversions, you’ll need to¬†install a conversion pixel. That way, Conversion Boost can distinctly tailor optimization as it learns how your unique campaign performs.¬†Schedule a call with our pixel expert, who can help you install a pixel (or do it for you)!

Smart optimization starts with smart data.

With Conversion Boost insights conveniently located above your targets, you’re empowered to make optimization decisions more impactful than ever before.You’ll need to¬†install a conversion pixel¬†to go beyond surface-level data, where you’ll uncover truly actionable insights from the metrics that matter most.

Learn more about each new key performance indicator (KPI) below, and find out how you can use them to inform your optimization strategy.

Estimated CPV (eCPV)

As you adjust your Quality Tier sliders, eCPVs update to show the most you’ll spend per impression. The eCPV column in the Targets table shows what you’re bidding per target, which is valuable information when you customize an individual target’s bid.

CB-eCPV-1 (1)

TIP:¬†Don’t be afraid to set eCPVs high! Higher eCPVs help you increase volume on more competitive targets, which typically convert well. Because proxy bids prevent you from overbidding, you’ll still pay just as little for impressions on less competitive targets.

You can also spy on campaigns of others by using ad spy tools & with this strategy it can save your money as well as time if you analyze it properly. There are many ad spy tools like Adplexity, Anstrex &, etc. Choose the right tool as per your requirement. To know more about the ad spy tool you can check the AdPlexity review.

Average CPV

While eCPV tells you how much you’re eligible to spend per impression, Average CPV shows exactly how much you’re spending on average per impression, which helps you keep bids within your budget. Often, you’ll find that your Average CPV is less than your eCPV.


TIP: If you can afford to bid higher than your Average CPV, raise your sliders to bid more competitively on the Quality Tiers that convert best for your campaign!

Earnings Per View (EPV) (Install a pixel to unlock this data)

Earning more than you spend per view is the secret to positive ROI. If your EPV is higher than your average CPV, you know you can afford to spend more. Raise bids on high-performing targets and increase your eCPVs per Quality Tier to grow your profit!


TIP:¬†When you’re running a new campaign, you often have to spend more than you earn. As you discover which targets, tiers, and types of traffic convert best, you can decide where to allocate your budget and how high to bid for optimal EPV.

CPA (Install a pixel to unlock this data)

Knowing how much you’re paying on average per conversion is essential for making smart optimization decisions. CPA shows you how cost-effective your bids are on each Quality Tier so you can adjust your sliders until you reach your goal CPA.


TIP:¬†While lower CPAs suggest you’re getting conversions at a cheaper rate, you could be leaving money on the table. By spending more per conversion, you’ll bid more competitively, which can help you increase conversions and net higher overall profit.

Conversions (Install a pixel to unlock this data)

Monitor the conversions you get from each Quality Tier so you can decide whether to adjust your sliders for better results. To help you determine if you could be getting even more conversions, an up-to-date likelihood of conversion is shown next to each Quality Tier.

CB-convTIP: Raise your sliders on the Quality Tiers driving the most conversions to get more high-converting traffic from those tiers!

That’s not all… When you upgrade, you’ll also enable¬†even more¬†new features!


Bid smarter from the start

To help you craft the most cost-effective bidding strategy, we calculate a¬†Suggested Base Bid¬†based on your geographic and Platform & Device Target settings, which you can apply as a benchmark for how your bids are calibrated per tier. Each target’s bid will automatically adjust for every impression depending on how much you want to pay for each traffic tier relative to your Base Bid.¬†Learn more.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 1.34.18 PM

Right-size your reach within your budget

New campaigns can be unpredictable, but with the new Potential Daily Reach indicator, striking the right balance of volume and spend is no longer a mystery. Whether you want to broadly target a new offer to see what works, or market an existing offer to a more specific audience that converts, you’ll have the insight to fine-tune your reach to get a better idea of what you’ll be spending.¬†Learn more.

Make the switch to Conversion Boost today!

Conversion Boost, and all of the features that come with it, will be enabled on a campaign basis as you upgrade your campaigns.

On the Campaigns page, you can bulk upgrade all campaigns to Conversion Boost, or one campaign at a time. Just click “Upgrade” next to each campaign you want to update, or click “Upgrade to Conversion Boost” at the top of the page to upgrade all campaigns.


You can also upgrade an individual campaign by clicking “Upgrade Campaign to Conversion Boost” at the top of any page within a campaign.


NOTE: While bid multipliers for channels will not be available for upgraded campaigns, you will still have the ability to pause or enable any channel, at any time, for any campaign on the Channels tab. Any currently paused channels will remain paused after upgrading.