New on Push: Creative testing and optimized ad rotation!

We’re excited to announce two game-changing new updates for creatives on Push! Use new creative previews to make sure your creatives are perfect before setting them live. Once they start getting traffic, new auto-optimized ad rotation kicks in to keep performance on the upswing without any extra effort from you.… Continued

Introducing target match types!

Take your targeting strategy to the next level with Match Types! We now offer four unique targeting types, giving you more control over the traffic you bid on and ensuring your ads are seen by the best audience for your offers. Domain | Use domain targeting to target specific domains,… Continued

Targeting just got easier. Try new Suggested Targets today!

🎯 Looking for new targets? We’ll do the hard work for you! Whether you’re setting up a new campaign for success or need to freshen up an existing campaign, our new Suggested Targets feature makes it easy to add the most effective keyword and domain targets related to your unique… Continued

📈 Conversion Boost℠ (and more) is HERE!

Introducing a suite of new optimization tools to help you start profiting faster than ever! Gaining more control over your campaigns doesn’t have to mean you’ll spend more time managing them. New Conversion Boost℠: Quality Tiers℠, Potential Daily Reach, and Suggested Base Bids work together so you can effortlessly automate… Continued

Get from insight to action faster than ever with our new reporting suite

RTX Platform’s powerful custom reporting makes performance insights crystal clear. With just a few clicks, you can discover valuable insights and trends to drive your optimization strategy in the right direction. Cut costs and save time Say goodbye to expensive tracking platforms! Track every data point without ever leaving RTX… Continued

Zero in on your audience with new domain whitelisting

Our new domain whitelisting feature gives you full control to choose which websites trigger your ads. This ensures the right sets of eyes see them. The domain whitelist works together with campaign targets to precisely refine reach. Why is this feature so powerful? Serve your ad to users searching for… Continued

Bid smartly on RTX Platform and increase your ROI!

Want to learn the secrets to buying efficiently on RTX Platform and increasing your earnings? If so, read on for insider tips on setting up your campaigns for success and bidding smartly!    Make the minimum bid your default bid. When choosing a default bid, always input the geo’s minimum bid.… Continued

Optimize your mobile marketing with new Device Model targeting!

Platform & Device Targets just got better! Now you can advertise to users on specific types of mobile phones, giving you new opportunities to lift ROI by reaching your exact audience with laser-targeted offers. An innovative way to behavioral target You can infer a lot about a person by the… Continued

Always Be Testing: How To Take Your Campaigns To The Next Level

If you’ve been reading our blog posts on affiliate marketing, you now know how to effectively optimize your account and become a super affiliate. One question still remains– how do you take a perfectly optimized campaign that is consistently doing well from $300 a day, to $500+ a day? First,… Continued