Tips for creating campaigns on RTX Platform

In this post, we’ll share with you how to choose targets smartly, track and optimize to increase ROI, track conversion data in the platform, and more. Choose targets smartly. On RTX Platform, there are two main ways to target for CPV campaigns – domain targeting and keyword targeting. During testing,… Continued

Always Be Testing: How To Take Your Campaigns To The Next Level

If you’ve been reading our blog posts on affiliate marketing, you now know how to effectively optimize your account and become a super affiliate. One question still remains– how do you take a perfectly optimized campaign that is consistently doing well from $300 a day, to $500+ a day? First,… Continued

50onRed Traffic Platform Has Moved To The New RTX Platform

We’re excited to announce that 50onRed’s Traffic Platform has been integrated with RTX Platform, a cutting edge real-time ad exchange connecting thousands of advertisers like you to an exclusive, multi-channel network of top tier publishers. With new channels, sources, and features, our unified buying platform is more powerful than ever… Continued

Now you can get payment statements instantly on RTX Platform!

We understand how important financial records are to our RTX Platform advertisers. In fact, we get hundreds of requests for payment statements every year! That’s why we added a way for our advertisers to instantly generate and download payment statements for any time frame. Whether you need them for tax… Continued

How To Become A Super Affiliate With RTX Platform

Now that you have a good foundation from our last post on optimization strategy, it’s time to grow your account to Super Affiliate status. A Super Affiliate is a digital expert who has figured out the affiliate marketing space, has a handful of offers they’re working on, and may or… Continued

Bridging the GAP: Optimization Strategy for Affiliate Marketers

The art of optimization is a combination of things: one part gut feeling, one part data, and an overall familiarity with how your campaign tends to fluctuate. As an RTX Platform Account Manager, I see firsthand how advertisers struggle to optimize their affiliate marketing campaigns, often times neglecting to optimize… Continued

12 Acronyms Affiliate Marketers Need to Know

Do you know the CTR to your LP? Does it have a good CR%? To somebody new to the affiliate space, reading that sentence could be like reading a foreign language. Acronyms, while often helpful, can sometimes lead to confused communication (and a Google search on the sly). That’s why… Continued

Meet the Customer: David Ford of

David Ford got his start in affiliate marketing more than ten years ago. Since then, he’s been successful across many traffic sources and niches. David has also done consulting for companies, created his own products, and coached thousands of affiliates. In 2009 he started the Aff Playbook forum as a… Continued

Instagram releases advertising API

Brands everywhere are enthusiastically double-tapping Instagram’s latest announcement. This is because the picture-sharing social media platform announced on Tuesday that it has opened its advertising API to a select group of marketing partners. Many agree with CEO of Brand Networks Jamie Tedford’s reaction to the announcement: “This is one the… Continued