Boost CPV volume and quality with our latest release!

Now it’s easier than ever to add and optimize your CPV targets for maximum success.

More impressions, less hassle.

iab targeting rtx platform

New Category Targets are powered by IAB’s content taxonomy, a smart system of categorizing content on the web. By adding these categories to your campaign, you can broadly match sites in your niche with a single target. That means more high-quality impressions without the hassle of managing a ton of targets.

Target more of what works.

add domains

So you’ve got some domains you want to target, which is great! But there may be similar domains that could perform just as well, or even better. Now when you enter your domain targets, RTX Platform will suggest related domains you can also target. That way, you can test multiple domain targets to find even more top performers.

Learn more about Suggested Domains.

Drill down and optimize like a pro.

create filter

Now you can filter targets by Target Type and Bid Type, making it easier than ever to optimize smarter. For example, you can apply filters to find your highest converting domain targets, then paste them into the Suggested Domains tool to find similar domains to target. Or, filter all targets with Fixed Bids and bulk update them to Proxy Bids to see if they perform better.

Learn more about dashboard filters.

RTX Platform Featured Tip

Want to restrict the number of times an individual can convert on your offer? Conversion Capping in your Campaign Settings will do the trick. Just enter the maximum number of conversions per user and select the time frame to limit them to (We just added a 4-week limit!).

Learn more about Conversion Capping.

Is there a feature you’d like to see on RTX Platform? Tell us about it! We always consider feedback from our advertisers when we plan future releases. If you’ve got an offer you’d like to promote, we can deliver the traffic you need for big profits. Learn more about RTX Platform, or sign up for a free account.