Bid smartly on RTX Platform and increase your ROI!

Want to learn the secrets to buying efficiently on RTX Platform and increasing your earnings? If so, read on for insider tips on setting up your campaigns for success and bidding smartly!   

Make the minimum bid your default bid. When choosing a default bid, always input the geo’s minimum bid. By doing this, you are ensuring that you do not overpay for traffic right from the start. If you feel you need more volume, you can increase your bids at a per-target basis. Running a campaign in more than one geo tier? Separate them into multiple campaigns so that you are not overpaying for any impressions.

Expert Tip: On the Channel Optimization tab, you can lower bid multipliers to place lower bids on external partners’ traffic. You can also raise bid multipliers if you want more traffic from a particular partner!

Bid Multipliers

Utilize our smart bid feature. Smart bids are a great way to gauge how much you have to bid to be competitive and win impressions. Smart bids are the system’s recommended bid for optimal volume without overbidding. They’re listed in the status column of your targets dashboard. You can update your targets to their smart bids in bulk or individually. We suggest updating them individually to ensure you are comfortable with the increases. Sometimes you will see targets that do not have smart bid recommendations. This can be for a few reasons including that there is not enough data on the target to generate a recommendation or you are already at or above the recommendation. Please note that smart bids can take a bit of time to generate for newly added targets.

Expert Tip: Not only can you update to the smart bids in bulk, but you can bulk update bids by a percent, dollar amount, or set amount.

Experiment with the bid graph tool. Included with our smart bid feature is a bid graph tool which is an interactive graph for estimating bid competition and measuring volume by bid. The blue line represents competing bids, and dragging the bar calculates the bid you need for the amount of traffic you want. Simply click the rocket icon to view the bid graph and you can begin interacting with the graph. Just like smart bids, graphs may not always generate. You can see here for a full list of possible reasons why you may not see a smart bid and/or bid graph.

Smart Bid and Bid Graph

Use proxy bid when you can. There are two bid type options: fixed bid and proxy bid. If fixed bid is selected, you will pay your set CPV for each impression won. However, if you have proxy bid selected and you win an impression, your bid price will be proxied down to just $.001 above the next highest bid. Proxy bidding helps you win impressions without overpaying – which saves you money and gives you more buying power. Bids are set to fixed bid by default, but you can conveniently switch all bid types to proxy in bulk! You can read additional information regarding proxy bidding here.  

Set frequency and conversion caps. Frequency caps can increase your traffic quality by limiting the number of times a user can see your ad in a given time frame. As a general rule of thumb, test a frequency cap similar to 2 in 24 hours to start. This means that a user will be shown your ad 2 times in a 24 hour time period but not again until that time period is over. This cap gives a user a few times to see and convert on your ad. We also offer a conversion capping option. Conversion caps limit the number of times a user can convert on your offer in a given time period. If a user can only convert on your offer once, why pay for them to keep seeing it? Not showing your ad to the same user that has already converted means showing it instead to a new, fresh set of eyes. In order to use this feature, you will need to have our conversion pixel implemented. You can read more about conversion pixels and how to implement them here.

Choose the appropriate delivery speed. Delivery speed is one of our newest features. You can choose between two different traffic delivery speeds: paced speed or express speed. Want the delivery of ads spread throughout the day? Used paced speed which works with your dayparting schedule and daily budget to spread spend evenly. It is recommended if you consistently reach your daily budget. Express speed delivers ads as quickly as possible, up until your daily cap is hit (if you have one). Express speed is recommended if you aren’t reaching your daily budget or have an unlimited budget. 

Caps and Delivery Speed

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