7 Essential Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Success on RTX Platform

Every year, online shoppers go crazy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Performance marketing network Zanox reported four times more transactions in their network on Black Friday last year compared to an average Friday, with peak sales starting in the early morning.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales consistently on the rise, savvy advertisers know these days are prime opportunities to earn big bucks. This year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall on the 25th and 28th of November. If you haven’t already started prepping your RTX Platform campaigns for these two big days, now is the time to start! Check out our tips below to make sure you’re all set for success.

Track every conversion.

Our most successful advertisers all have one thing in common: Conversion tracking. Collecting conversion data is essential to driving your optimization strategy, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By placing an RTX Platform conversion pixel in your offer, you’ll see precisely which factors correlate with conversions.

Inside tip: Our team of expert Account Managers can give you the best, most personalized tips if you’re tracking conversions.

Bid competitively.

Other advertisers will raise their bids for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you’ll want to bid higher than usual to get a slice of the pie. The good news is that conversion rates are typically higher than average on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so the more you spend on traffic, the more you’re likely to earn from sales.

Inside tip: On RTX Platform, traffic sources are broken into channels, which you can bid uniquely on by adjusting bid multipliers per channel. Look at the channels that typically work best for your campaigns, then raise their bid multipliers for more volume.

Raise (or remove) your budgets.

If your campaigns are getting a lot of high-quality, converting traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and we bet they will!), the last thing you want is your ads to stop running because you’ve spent your budget. Make sure your campaigns’ daily and total budgets are high enough to keep them going strong or get rid of your budgets altogether to avoid limiting profit.

Inside tip: Break out targets with high conversion rates into separate campaigns, apply the same bids and settings as the campaigns they came from, then raise or remove the budgets on these “top performer” campaigns to maximize exposure.

Optimize for mobile sales.

Last year, 35.3% of all online Black Friday sales came from mobile devices. With mobile shopping becoming increasingly popular, optimizing your landing pages for mobile is a must. RTX Platform has plenty of mobile traffic that you can tap into, and you can use Advanced Targeting in your Campaign Settings to fine-tune mobile targeting by device and OS.
Inside tip: It’s a good rule of thumb to separate campaigns by device as mobile performance can differ drastically from desktop.

Offer shoppers a deal they can’t resist.

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s important. Whether you’re selling your own product or someone else’s, shoppers need the incentive to buy what you’ve got. You could offer free shipping, throw in a bonus gift, or hunt down Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers from your affiliate network to promote on RTX Platform.

Inside tip: If you’re an affiliate marketer, check out as many affiliate networks as possible to find the best offers to run.

Let last year be your guide.

If you ran Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns last year, go back and dig into performance data for insights to guide your campaigns this year. Depending on how similar your offers are this year compared to last, it might be wise to run the same keywords and ad copy that worked well before. Likewise, if you notice visitors from certain domains tended to convert at higher rates, target those domains and raise their bids if they perform well this year.

Inside tip: Look into conversions by device. If mobile traffic contributed significantly to your sales last year, you can probably expect it to have a bigger impact this time around.

Nix the dayparting and frequency capping.

If you typically use dayparting or frequency capping in your campaigns, Black Friday and Cyber Monday should be exceptions. You’ll want your campaigns to run the full day to capitalize on those shoppers looking for last-minute deals.

Inside tip: Don’t be too quick to re-apply those caps. If your campaigns are still converting at high rates after Cyber Monday, you don’t want to miss out on those extra sales!

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