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Market your campaign using the campaign types and pricing models that work best for your budget. Advanced targeting and comprehensive reporting make optimizing for ROI a cinch for affiliate marketers, lead generators, and e-commerce advertisers.

Choose Your Own Pricing Model

Cost Per Click


Pay only when your ad is clicked

Cost Per View


Drive traffic directly to your landing page without using an ad unit

Cost Per Mille


Increase brand awareness with every impression

Self-Service Platform

With RTX, you get complete control over your campaigns and the tools to effectively manage them. Maximizing revenue has never been easier.

Granular Targeting

We have channel partnerships with premium properties so you can scale your campaigns with laser focus.

Cross Device Reach

Turn on traffic for difference devices to target mobile and desktop users wherever they are.

Easy Bid Optimization

Recommended bids and bid adjustment tools help you place the best bids for maximum ROI on any channel.

Creative Assets Not Required

You don’t need ad units to run an ad campaign. With RTX CPV campaigns, you can drive traffic directly to your landing page.

Advanced Tracking Integrations

Whether you want to pass data to your tracking platform or harness our flexible API, you can manage and measure campaigns and channels with maximum control.

Programmatic Integration

Whether you run them on their own or alongside other forms of advertising, programmatic ads maximize visibility and keep your promotions top-of-mind.

Advanced Targeting

Always reach the right audience with keyword and domain targeting, geo-targeting, frequency caps, day parting, and more.

Great For Any Niche

Profit from any offer you’re promoting, and choose from our tried-and-true selection of top keywords related to your niche.

Traffic Within Your Budget

Spend less and earn more with affordable bid prices, low deposits, and a variety of pricing models that fit your needs.

Actionable Insights

Drive your optimization strategy with performance reports, conversion tracking, and support for third-party tracking platforms.

Safety & Peace of Mind

RTX busts fraud day in and day out. We understand that fraud is a big deal in this industry and we don't think you should ever lose a dime to fraudulent impressions or clicks.